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Jira Software

Jira Software

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Jira Service Management

High-velocity ITSM

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Document management and collaboration

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Jira Work Management

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Get more time to evaluate

Unlike a 7-day Cloud trial, Cloud migration trials last the remaining duration of your eligible Server maintenance or Data Center subscription.

Try Cloud-only features

Cloud migration trials match your current self-managed user tier (up to 20,000 users), and offer the flexibility to try features in Standard and Premium Cloud plans, so you can explore our full suite of Cloud offerings.

How should I use my Cloud migration trial?

We recommended starting your Cloud migration trial while you’re still assessing Cloud, to make the most of your free trial period.

Test drive new features

Explore what Cloud offers, test differences in functionality, and try out new Cloud-only features like native automation and insights in our Standard and Premium Cloud plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, and Confluence.

Test drive new features
Create a new proof of concept

Create a proof of concept

Ready to move forward? The extended timeframe of a Cloud migration trial allows you to build a cloud proof of concept, and demo your trial site with internal stakeholders to make your business case. 

Test and run your migration

You can use your free migration trial while you run multiple test migrations and for the real thing. After you've migrated, your trial license can become your production license.

Migrate using your trial
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“[The free migration trial] allows you to get familiar with cloud, test your migration over time, and help avoid issues once you’re ready to go live.”

Jimmy Seddon, Igloo Software

How it works

Starting a migration trial is quick and easy - just click the “Get started” button on this page. Each self-managed license you own is eligible for a separate Cloud migration trial. You can create a new Cloud site as you sign up, or apply your trial to an existing Cloud site. If you create a new Cloud site, we recommend choosing a URL you'll want to keep so you can eventually use your trial for your production migration. If applying your migration trial to an existing Cloud site, keep in mind that your trial cannot be applied to active paid Cloud licenses, and can only be applied to existing free or trial licenses.

The Cloud migration trial is fully functional, so you can use it just as you’d use any Cloud site to test features and your actual migration. Once your trial period ends, you can add your billing details to continue using the trial site as your production site.

Eligible Server and Data Center customers with more than 60 days of active maintenance left can receive a free extended cloud migration trial for the remainder of their Server or Data Center license. Customers with expired licenses or active maintenance with 60 days or fewer are eligible for a free 60-day Cloud migration trial.

Who can claim a migration trial?

We offer Cloud migration trials to Server or Data Center customers with a Commercial or Academic license and 11+ users. Trials are currently available for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Core, and Confluence. Cloud migration trials are not yet available Bitbucket, Access, or Marketplace apps.

You can only claim your trial if you are the technical or billing Contact on your self-managed license.

If you have fewer than 60 days remaining on your Server maintenance or Data Center subscription, or you have expired maintenance you can still get a free 60-day cloud trial.

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